Granny's Box of Papers

It's truly amazing the amount of things that Gram kept... Although most things were tossed when she passed I have bits to go through. Here are a couple things I found.

Records were important to her and she kept announcements and invitations like birth and weddings from everyone so that she could remember dates and such. You could make a time line with all the records she kept

Here in the "My record of my children" are a couple examples of things she recorded

First off I am finding out that my gram was quite a social butterfly Here in 1940 she belonged to a society called "Rebekah's Lodge" I am unsure what that was... Do you know Uncle & Auntie???

Also in this book are lists of things pertaining to all three of my grams children including my mother,You know things like weight and Dr apt's and such but here are some fun things for each

My uncle being grams first child told her at the age of four that his girlfriend was Mary Joe... I wonder if that was a neighbor

My mother the second child of my gram sang "happy birthday to me" at the age of three at her own birthday party

The last child of my Gram was my uncle (Whom is passed and I miss terribly) I have a  conversation between him and his gram after coming home from school one day

Gram: Where is your lunch pail?
Uncle: Didn't I bring it?
Gram: No, you didn't
Here uncle takes off out of the house and ran up the hill toward the school and after a bit of time came back and said
"Gram, lunch pails sure can hide good I had a awful time trying to find that one"

My uncle was such a joker always having everyone laugh when he visited us.

I love that my gram saved these things but I sure wish that I could have seen them while she as alive so that we could talk and share such treasures...

More next week


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