Granny's Box of Papers

Class Autographs
I discovered my grams autograph book from school and it made me smile! I found out some things about my grandmother that I did not know

Gram Class of 1928... But no where does it say the name of the school but I think it was central high
Gram belonged to the "Young people's meeting" and "Girls League" I would love to ask her what were the meetings about. And I never knew she played the Violin and saxophone! She did try and teach us girls piano but it never took
Gram was class president!?!?!?! Wow, I never new that! She was a shy person and didn't like to draw attention to herself
Elsie Gray and Ethelyn Hurd where two people she kept in touch with for as long as I knew her. Ethelyn Hurd was the sister of her sister in law when she married my grams brother. And for sports? Basketball and Volley ball? wow...
School Yell how cute is that, I don't remember our high school having a school yell

Grams book is completely filled out with autographs like these two... Such fun words in her book. I will share some of them
Dear Vinita,
1. When you are married and live across the lake send me a piece of your wedding cake. Yours truly with love Pete (no last name but gram has a picture of a Pete with his arm around her... could have been her bo)

2. May your life be like a snowflake. Leave a spot but not a stain. with love from your S.L. teacher Mrs Hurd. (I wonder if Mrs. Hurd was her sister in laws mother)

3. Let your life have just enough clouds to make a beautiful sunset Ethelyn Hurd P.S. Yours till the Statue of Liberty has red headed twins (haha so funny)

4. As you go sliding down the banister of life please remember there are splinters your friend Katherine

5. Remember me early, remember me late, remember me as your dear class mate. Elsie Gray

6. Remember me and bear in mind that a good true friend is hard to find. Homer Bryant

7. When you are old and mending britches think of me between the stitches Tom Patterson

8. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Vinita pushing a baby carriage. Your all step ins, step outs. Mildred Patterson

9. Vinita now, Vinita ever, Sparks now, but not forever. Yours till the Statue of Liberty floats down Broadway

10. Your book is a garden spot where in each friend may sow, I plant the seed for-get-me-not and hope that it may trow. yours till the Pacific ocean has permanent waves . Your true friend Lela Hall

11. When you are married and your husband is cross, get the broomstick and show him your boss. Yours truly Harold Newham

12. When you are married and have twins, Don't come to my house for safety pins. Mary Carter

13. When you are married and live across the river, I'll come to see you in my little red fliver. Yours till the flowers cease to bloom in the spring Lila Ernestine Gigap

14. I wish you health and happiness, I wish you gold in store, I wish you heaven after death, What could I wish for you more Josephine Thomas

15. Mary had a little goat she feed it on tin cans and when the little goat's came they came in Ford sedans. Wilma McBride

16. When you get old, and cannot see, put on your specs and think of me Your friend Vilma Evans

17. Round is the ring that has no end, so is my love for thee my friend Your friend Vernon Whittenberg

18. In the album kept by angels with its leaves of massive gold, may your name be found written where its pages shall unfold. Your loving pal Marjorie Hall

19. Mary had a little lamb her father shot it dead and now Mary comes in to school between two chunks of bread Yours Truly Oleta Sparks (hahaha That was my grams sister)

20. There was an old man who was very famous he said," count to ten, when you are angry, before you speak to succeed it might be well to follow his advice, Sir Hermano (this was signed by her older brother Ted...)

21. Alas, Alas, I am to dumb to write anything down on your album, Ted (My great uncle Ted was a big prankster)

22. When you are married and live across the river and your husband grumbles come over to my house and eat applesauce your friend Irvana Hall

23. When the golden sun is setting and your thoughts are far and free, when of others your are thinking will you sometimes think of me? Your friend Helen Harrington

24. As you are floating down the stream of life in your little bark canoe may you have a jolly ride with just room enough for two. Yours till Niagara falls Adda Gott Childress

25. In your fire place of friendship count me as a glowing ember. Your friend Julia R. Gallegos

26. Long may you live, Happy may you be, loved by all but most by me. Your friend Rose

27. Its the little things that separate us from success not the big ones. Gladys Guillet

28. Upon this page I'll write my name and when you read it think of the same. Your sister Genevieve

29. Vinita is her name, Single is her station, happy be the little man that makes the alteration, Your friend always Pearl Sweetman

30. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if Pete won't have you then I must. Yours only for always Gene Hensley

It was so fun for me to read all the saying written for my gram! It makes me wonder if what she wrote in others autograph books?


  1. Wow. What a timewarp! Such a cool treasure and I love reading what your gran's classmates wrote. I teach middle school and I can assure you that kids today are much less clever with their yearbook signing!

  2. You are so right Cassadie! That was the same thought that I had while reading through them. I remember my gram saying that today's youth are not as educated as they should be.
    Thank you so much for being a teacher! I think that all teachers deserve an award for the hard work, time, expense and dedication that all teachers put into teaching children of all ages.


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