February Date Night

Another successful date night with my baby
The month of February was movie night at home with treats
No dressing up, no fighting crowds, no finding the best seat and... no feet in the back of my chair while trying to watch the movie... Just pure comfort with my baby
Movies: "Taken 2" "Planet of the apes"

I thought "Taken 2" was just as good as "Taken" but I cannot watch any fight scenes... They make me stressed out so I close my eyes... I know kind of weird but that's just me lol

We found a collection of the "Planet of the apes" all the same movie just different years

The first one is from 1968 with Charlton Heston a classic
The second one from 2001 with Mark Wahlberg done well and is my favorite out of the bunch
The third one is from 2011 and mostly done with CGI work and very distracting but still good

But... The best was just spending time with my sweet husband! 
This once a month date night was the best idea and something that my husband looks forward to each month. He loves the idea and gets excited to open the envelop each month seeing what adventure is awaiting us next. 


  1. awwww love the selfies...I can just hear and feel the fun you both had...well done for making it all happen. Xxxx

  2. I love this idea Eva (although I wouldn't cope with the fight scenes either!) Enjoy these special times together xx

  3. Thank you Bron xx... I have to tell you that half the fun for me is the pictures.
    Thank you Kell xx


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