A Little Seven year old angel

This sweet little angel is my niece. She has CP and suffers from a bunch of complications due to her condition. She was just out of the hospital a few days before her birthday trying to get her seizures under control, but that did not dampen her sweet little angel spirit.

She was beyond excited for her birthday. She was really happy to have all her family and friends over to visit. To her the cake and presents were just a added bonus to all that came to celebrate with her. Only one out of the 150 times that I get to see her she is happy, smiling and spreading her infectious joy. On her birthday I made her a doll birthday cake and she was so happy to see it she jumped up... She's so fun

The high light of the evening for me was when she said the following as she was eating her Hot Dog
"Mmm this is so good it reminds me of the good ole days" Soooooo funny... She is only seven the good ole days were probably... What... a week ago.

Next as her father handed her each present to open he would say something like this "Uncle Joe gave this to you." then before she even opened the gift she took a deep exclamation breath and smiled really big then turning to that person said "Uncle Joe... Your the best!" with a very genuine smile on her little face. She made you feel good just for being in the room with her.

My sweet little Angel niece Happy Seventh Birthday sweetheart


  1. The world is a brighter place with these special ones in it....they have a lot to tech us about loving in the moment....your cake looks fantastic..well done. Xxxx


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