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Granny's Box of Papers

It's truly amazing the amount of things that Gram kept... Although most things were tossed when she passed I have bits to go through. Here are a couple things I found.

Records were important to her and she kept announcements and invitations like birth and weddings from everyone so that she could remember dates and such. You could make a time line with all the records she kept

Here in the "My record of my children" are a couple examples of things she recorded

First off I am finding out that my gram was quite a social butterfly Here in 1940 she belonged to a society called "Rebekah's Lodge" I am unsure what that was... Do you know Uncle & Auntie???

Also in this book are lists of things pertaining to all three of my grams children including my mother,You know things like weight and Dr apt's and such but here are some fun things for each

My uncle being grams first child told her at the age of four that his girlfriend was Mary Joe... I wonder if that wa…

One Thousand Gifts

~ Lovely Sunrise this morning
~ A sister doing her best to care for her family... I see you sis... You are the best!
~ A fun visit with my sister and mother... A standing date each month
~ Spying a spider basking in the sun in a hallway, I would have taken him outside but he ran away
~ That same spider inspiring me to write another book... A children's story book
~ A nudge from fellow blogger encouraging me to take up a dream long ago given up on... Painting
~ A home made walking stick gifted to me by my brother in law for my new hobby... Hiking! 
~ Being to busy to feel bored
~ The opportunity to pass on the art of crochet... a great pass time
~ A good review at work
# 192 Ice Cream.... Shh I am not suppose to eat ice cream... Yummy

Lazy Day Stills

St. Patty's Day   Spring, Springing 
 Baby Jade shoot  Hummmm, Which color to paint with  Lunch  Dinner

 My new mountain climbing stick  Diamond wood  My sweet puppies Happiness in the living of my daily life

One Thousand Gifts

~ Spring time really blooming in our little corner of the world
~ The continued progress of the healing process after a ruff start the the new year
~ A precious son although living so far away is never to busy to talk to me
~ Messages that bring to mind that there really are good people out there who care
~ Women gathered to clean the church and then sharing breakfast together
~ The love and support of women who listen, care and share with each other

~ Long time friendships
~ A really special young man getting married to a wonderful woman
~ His sister giving birth to her first child and becoming a beautiful mother (she has the best example)
~ Excitement over things done and time spent with my special husband 
~ Crunch 'n Munch... What more do I have to say
~ Clean and happy puppy's running around to get dirty again... Fun to watch
~ Comfort of a best friend who's attention has kept me up through some pretty bad times
~ The beauty of the sun poking its rays through the clo…

Granny's Box of Papers

Class Autographs I discovered my grams autograph book from school and it made me smile! I found out some things about my grandmother that I did not know
Gram Class of 1928... But no where does it say the name of the school but I think it was central high
Gram belonged to the "Young people's meeting" and "Girls League" I would love to ask her what were the meetings about. And I never knew she played the Violin and saxophone! She did try and teach us girls piano but it never took
Gram was class president!?!?!?! Wow, I never new that! She was a shy person and didn't like to draw attention to herself
Elsie Gray and Ethelyn Hurd where two people she kept in touch with for as long as I knew her. Ethelyn Hurd was the sister of her sister in law when she married my grams brother. And for sports? Basketball and Volley ball? wow...
School Yell how cute is that, I don't remember our high school having a school yell
Grams book is completely filled out with autograp…

A Little Seven year old angel

This sweet little angel is my niece. She has CP and suffers from a bunch of complications due to her condition. She was just out of the hospital a few days before her birthday trying to get her seizures under control, but that did not dampen her sweet little angel spirit.

She was beyond excited for her birthday. She was really happy to have all her family and friends over to visit. To her the cake and presents were just a added bonus to all that came to celebrate with her. Only one out of the 150 times that I get to see her she is happy, smiling and spreading her infectious joy. On her birthday I made her a doll birthday cake and she was so happy to see it she jumped up... She's so fun

The high light of the evening for me was when she said the following as she was eating her Hot Dog
"Mmm this is so good it reminds me of the good ole days" Soooooo funny... She is only seven the good ole days were probably... What... a week ago.

Next as her father handed her each present …

One Thousand Gifts

~ Loving my new route that takes me out to far places where the only thing I see are mountains, animals, fields of sage brush and alfalfa and an occasional rumbly tumbly storm.

~ Clouds, clouds and more clouds. I love clouds

~ A quiet day spent doing laundry, reading and basking in the sun

~ Enjoying each month a new family photo on the calendar my son and daughter in law made for me this past Christmas

~ Spending time with my nephew and his family celebrating his daughters 7th birthday and having the opportunity to make her birthday cake

~ Although my great niece has CP, she is one of the most sweetest persons I know (I may be prejudice though lol)

~ Eating fresh sweet and juicy strawberries

~ Gentle touches from my sweet husband (I love this man)

~ Climbing into bed after a long and busy day of spring cleaning before spring

# 165 Spending a wonderful date night with my sweet husband

February Date Night

Another successful date night with my baby The month of February was movie night at home with treats No dressing up, no fighting crowds, no finding the best seat and... no feet in the back of my chair while trying to watch the movie... Just pure comfort with my baby Movies: "Taken 2" "Planet of the apes"
I thought "Taken 2" was just as good as "Taken" but I cannot watch any fight scenes... They make me stressed out so I close my eyes... I know kind of weird but that's just me lol
We found a collection of the "Planet of the apes" all the same movie just different years
The first one is from 1968 with Charlton Heston a classic The second one from 2001 with Mark Wahlberg done well and is my favorite out of the bunch The third one is from 2011 and mostly done with CGI work and very distracting but still good
But... The best was just spending time with my sweet husband!  This once a month date night was the best idea and something that…