One Thousand Gifts

~ Animal tracks... these are sweet bunny tracks... Well I think they are?

~ Together time with my sweet husband

~ Hot chicken soup (again) to help sooth a sore throat 

~ On the mend after being sick for 20 days

~ Discovering new science from a new book purchased last week!

~ Missing the wild coyote that ran out in front of my car... Phew!!!

~ Meeting a new co-worker for the first time and really liking her

~ Excitement for our date night this Saturday night

~ Spending time with my niece for her birthday and shopping to boot

~ A Doctor whom I am grateful to have helping me through new issues 

# 155 Finding a love note in my lunch bag sneaked in by my sweet husband,  collected for years


  1. So glad you are starting to feel better and are being well looked after.
    Look forward to hearing about this months date night too. Xxxx


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