One Thousand Gifts

~ National monuments to pioneers paving new ways in their time that benefits us in our lives today

~ Having the love of literature enough to write a book for fun

~ Connecting to my ancestors through pictures

~ Thankful that my father in law did not loose his hand in the accident last weekend

~ Grateful for doctors who are experts at stitches

~ Very hot, soothing and comforting chicken soup for my head cold

~ Finally finished trimming all the trees and really looking forwards to fresh apples this spring

~ Dear sweet friends who will pick right up where you left off at, no matter how much time has passed

# 144 A Valentines gift from my sweet husband even though we usually celebrate Valentines day all year long

Joining here with Bron


  1. Awww sweet valentines deserve it after the last little while. Keep up with the chicken soup and I hope you feel better soon. xxxx


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