One Thousand Gifts

~ Preserved history

~ Historical landmarks

~ Sherbet ice cream

~ Brand new socks

~ Local news stations

~ A loving Uncle caring for his wife... my Auntie in her time of need

~ Prescription sun glasses on a sunny day

~ Watching CSI New York with the Love of My Life! (a show we both like)

~ Watching the look on my husbands face as he is scared witless (I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants... a box of cereal fell off the counter upon him unexpectedly... I am laughing still with memory of it)

~ The beauty of a multicolored sunrise

~ Re-reading letters from my family and friends kept for decades

# 135 Hearing a new childhood story from my mother about her childhood I've never heard before

Joining here with Bron


  1. Awesome list ...I don't hear your lovely husband laughing as loud as you !!!
    Have a super lovely weekend. Xxxxx


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