Grannys Box of Papers

This Sunday I want to share a letter written to me by my grandmother... It is nothing remarkable and is rather mundane to outsiders but to me now a treasure. My grandmother corresponded to all the people in her life that she loved. She would write several times a week to family and friends and you could always count upon hearing from her consistently. That was something I loved about her, her constant affection to her family

Date January ? ( I added the year as she could not remember it) 2006
Dear Eva,
I can't write very good, my hand shakes so bad. But I will write a few lines to you. I miss visiting with you. (She lives with my mother in Nevada and I in California) I hear about you from your mother when you call ( I can no longer speak to her on the phone as she cannot hear well) I guess things are going all right with your family. I started this letter several days ago and put it away while we went to town, I finally am at it again. Irene and Mike and family came over to visit me and gave me a blessing. They stayed for a while it was good to see them. Vickie is my baby sitter when your mom and dad have a chance to get out. (My gran was a independent woman and never needed help from anyone... She did not like to be watched but she was too feeble to be alone) I am glad they have been tied down with me for so long ( I am sure she meant to say "Sad they have been tied down with me for so long" Granny always told my mother to take her to a retirement home so that they did not have to be burdened with her. Mom always said that if she went to a home she would die. She lived many, many years with my parents) Take time to write to me. I love to get letters. They are better than talking. I can remember what is said. I hope you can read this as I can't hardly. Maybe when spring comes you can come over and see us all. Well we're going to the chiropractor in a few minutes, I guess. I thought our appointment was for 1.00 pm oh well! ( at this point she quit writing and went to her appointment) Here it is another day again. Trying to snow a little out there. We just got back a short time ago. Our snow has last for quite some time, as you know it has been quite cold. I hope it dumps snow some more. I was raised in snow country and I just love it. Irene and Mike gave me a Sunday lesson. How nice it was. They started out in singing as we do in church and Irene gave the lesson. I enjoyed it all. Hated to see them go home. Hope you will write to me one of these days. Love to all Granny.

I really learned that being a responsible person from my grandmother meant that I needed to keep up to date with all that was going on in my family and extended family... That way I could offer assistance if needed and comfort those who needed comfort... I can only hope that I live up to her example of charity and service to others in my sphere. 

I sure miss my grandmother... 


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