One Thousand Gifts

~ The beauty of fields of freshly picked produce waiting for pickup and delivery

~ Modern technology capable of producing such quantity's of produce for our consumption

~ Using that produce purchased at a local vendor and turning it into home made soup

~ My first outing since January 2nd

~ Birthdays celebrated with our great niece who turned 6 but seems more like she is 8

~ Being released to drive again

~ My first day back to work in a while

~ Surviving that day well even if a little tired

~ Love given to me by co-workers and clients after my long absence (they made my heart smile)

~ Reading a new mystery book and trying to put it all together myself as it goes along

~ A sisters loving inquiries, always checking, always making sure i'm okay

# 112 Parents who are willing and able to help out at a moments notice

Joining here with  Bron


  1. So pleased you are looking up...take care because I know a lot of people must love you lots xxxx

    Send me a skype message when you are on and I will say hello....


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