One Thousand Gifts

~ Living in a time with medical knowledge able to save lives... Most importantly mine 

~ Emergency rooms to handle vital care to patients when its needed most

~ Doctors who have up to date knowledge to make the right calls

~ Tests that identify the exact problem to assist the Doctors quick and timely actions

~ Proper medications to assist in healing

~ Nurses with tender hands and understanding hearts to assist in the recovery process

~ Medical insurance to help cover a astronomical hospital bill and other costs

~ The humble appreciation of many offering up prayers in my behalf 

~  Being released to go home and recuperate for a time

~ The assistance of disability to cover partial lost wages during recuperation time

~ The show of love and support from very special people to my family and I 

~ Being allowed to continue my life here on earth for now

~ The love of a doting husband and his ability to administer to me when I needed it most

~ Feeling small steps of strength returning slowly back to me

~ Feeling the love of my dogs who missed me and now will not leave my side

~ Being outside for the first time in two weeks

~ Warm sunshine on a cool day radiating down upon my body

~ Breath! although not back to normal is better!

~ Taking time to reassess the path my life has taken, is taking and where it is going

~ Joy in starting my spring cleaning even if it's too early, in short bits with lots of rest on the side

~ Burying my face into a freshly laundered towel hot from the dryer and inhaling

~ Rediscovering green smoothies again and creating some of my own

~ The promise of a storm tomorrow

~ The color RED.... My Grand mama's favorite color... I miss her

~ A hand crocheted afghan my Nana crocheted herself passed down to me

~ Aunties who love me! and I love them very much

#100 The gift of being allowed to live for another day

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