January Date Night

January date night at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. It was built in the 1960's. I remember as a teenager we would climb upon the roof, it was so close to the ground and way to exciting not to try
January, our first date night of the year. This year for Christmas I made up date nights for my husband and I... One date a month for just the two of us. Heart songs performed by "BYU Young Ambassadors" It was very nice to watch all the dancers on the stage! It brought back memories from the time that my children were in dance and we would go see them...
I knew that going on dates with my husband was going to be a lot of fun and I was not disappointed. My sweet husbands way is to always joke around when pictures are being taken... Tonight was no exception... Its too bad pictures cannot record sound because I am sure that he would have everyone laughing... Pictures are of poor quality but still are great reminders of our first date night this year


  1. Ahhh so sweet...I can hear the fun you two had....what a great start to your dating year xxxxx


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