Granny's Box of Papers

It matters not
By Alice Hensche Mortenson
It matters not if I’ve been hurt it matters not at all, that sometimes from my weary eyes the scalding teardrops fall
What matters most is if I’ve erred and not confessed a sin, and through my lax some needy soul has failed to follow Him
It matters not if cherished friend’s, on whom I’ve leaned in vain, have wounded me by word and deed and left me with my pain.
What matters is – can I forgive again and yet again? It’s not, “Have they been true?” but “Lord have I been true to them?”
Twill matter not when evening comes how rough the road I’ve trod, if only I have talked with Him and led some soul to God.
For when I wake to be like Him who saved me by His grace, earth’s pain will vanish when I catch one glimpse of His dear face

This was from my granny's collection of papers she kept that I inherited when she passed 


  1. This is just beautiful, Eva Maybe you could have this framed - something special to remember your grandmother.


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