DIY Birthday Gift

My great niece turned 6 this week and had a birthday party at Coconut Bowl... It is her favorite place to be... They offer free bowling, all the pizza you can eat, all the drinks you can drink and game tokens to play with. The kids love it
Usually I like to make something personal for everyone's birthdays but this year finds me under the weather so I just gave her money kids love money right. I came across this site that teaches how to make a dollar bill heart, how clever is that! Then I came across this site teaching how to make a hidden treasure bubble gum jar... here is how I did it
You need lots of bubble gum, a glass canning jar and a card stock paper, I used the left over roll from wrapping paper and taped it so it stayed closed at the size I needed.
Insert the card tube into the center of the glass jar
Then just add bubble gum. It took me a couple go's at it because I kept getting gum in the tube but after a bit I figured it out... It just takes some patients
Next I added the hearts, you can use any denomination but I used one dollar bills
I stuffed each heart into the tube
Then completely covered the bills with gum. Try and shake the bottle to settle the gum into place and fill in the gaps. I used a butter knife to slide down the side filling all the holes and then topped off the jar with more gum. Be careful not to move the center tube, the trick is not to see the surprise in the middle
Instead of leaving the lid plain I took some fabric and hot glued it to the lid. Then I glued ribbon around the lid and placed a bow over it... I found a really fun way to make a small bow on Pinterest using a fork! It works really great... I love Pinterest
Here is the finished project. I would have loved to have been gifted this gift as a 6 year old. Bubble gum and money... No better gift!


  1. That is totally the best...what a great gift giver you are ...I am pinning this for later. Xxxxxx


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