12 Months of Dates

I put these together for my husband this year at Christmas. This month is the beginning... The first date! I am so excited. If you want to see how to make one for yourself just go to pinterest and search 12 months of dating... You will find many results. I made up my own with the help of several sites.

For each month I came up with a different date and purchased some tickets when needed. I also added a brochure if they had one.

My husband loved it! The idea of spending a night once a month out with me or even in... I think he is just as excited as I am. I will be making a journal with what fun we had on each of our date nights into a memory book. So excited lol 


  1. Oh Eva that is the sweetest thing...it will bring you so much closer having that special preplanned time together.....you guys deserve that....do share as you go what you get up to. Xxxx


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