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One Thousand Gifts

~ A new fish in our empty fish tank 
~ Enjoying the movement of our new fish
~ Picking a fun name for our new fish... Chester Copper Bottom lol from the movie "Goonies"
~ Starting a new Route at work taking me many miles out of the city
~ Being able to travel long distances again
~ Watching very large mountains covered with snow as I drive by
~ Visiting new clients and getting acquainted
~ Seeing new wild life on my new route and...
~ The joy of seeing brand new calf's running around playing with each other 
# 122 Coming home after a loooooooong day to relax... 12 Hours phew 

Granny's Box of Papers

It matters not By Alice Hensche Mortenson It matters not if I’ve been hurt it matters not at all, that sometimes from my weary eyes the scalding teardrops fall What matters most is if I’ve erred and not confessed a sin, and through my lax some needy soul has failed to follow Him It matters not if cherished friend’s, on whom I’ve leaned in vain, have wounded me by word and deed and left me with my pain. What matters is – can I forgive again and yet again? It’s not, “Have they been true?” but “Lord have I been true to them?” Twill matter not when evening comes how rough the road I’ve trod, if only I have talked with Him and led some soul to God. For when I wake to be like Him who saved me by His grace, earth’s pain will vanish when I catch one glimpse of His dear face

This was from my granny's collection of papers she kept that I inherited when she passed

January Date Night

January date night at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. It was built in the 1960's. I remember as a teenager we would climb upon the roof, it was so close to the ground and way to exciting not to try January, our first date night of the year. This year for Christmas I made up date nights for my husband and I... One date a month for just the two of us. Heart songs performed by "BYU Young Ambassadors" It was very nice to watch all the dancers on the stage! It brought back memories from the time that my children were in dance and we would go see them...
I knew that going on dates with my husband was going to be a lot of fun and I was not disappointed. My sweet husbands way is to always joke around when pictures are being taken... Tonight was no exception... Its too bad pictures cannot record sound because I am sure that he would have everyone laughing... Pictures are of poor quality but still are great reminders of our first date night this year

One Thousand Gifts

~ The beauty of fields of freshly picked produce waiting for pickup and delivery

~ Modern technology capable of producing such quantity's of produce for our consumption

~ Using that produce purchased at a local vendor and turning it into home made soup

~ My first outing since January 2nd

~ Birthdays celebrated with our great niece who turned 6 but seems more like she is 8

~ Being released to drive again

~ My first day back to work in a while

~ Surviving that day well even if a little tired

~ Love given to me by co-workers and clients after my long absence (they made my heart smile)

~ Reading a new mystery book and trying to put it all together myself as it goes along

~ A sisters loving inquiries, always checking, always making sure i'm okay

# 112 Parents who are willing and able to help out at a moments notice

Joining here with  Bron

12 Months of Dates

I put these together for my husband this year at Christmas. This month is the beginning... The first date! I am so excited. If you want to see how to make one for yourself just go to pinterest and search 12 months of dating... You will find many results. I made up my own with the help of several sites.

For each month I came up with a different date and purchased some tickets when needed. I also added a brochure if they had one.

My husband loved it! The idea of spending a night once a month out with me or even in... I think he is just as excited as I am. I will be making a journal with what fun we had on each of our date nights into a memory book. So excited lol 

Granny's Box of Papers

God Does This By Lottie Zimmer He paints the red of the sunset; He crimsons the rambling rose; He gives sweet scent to the lilac and crystals the fluttering snows; He gives to the peach its flavor He gives to the bird its trill He planned the aurora borealis, and the song of the whippoorwill. The swordfish deep in the ocean The wild deer’s timid leap The golden sands of the desert hot And the mountain paths so steep The frail, pink blossoms of April that sprinkle the woodlands low The pines with their gentle murmur deep green against banks of snow And the genius and wise of all ages whose inventions have pierced earths gloom Combined all their skill and power cannot make one hepatica bloom Cannot paint the soft petals of daisies nor unfold one delicate bud But God in some dreary old marshland brings fleur-de-lis out of the mud He uses the same skill always, in whatever his hand has made, The peacocks tail the butterfly’s wing or violates deep in the shade The wild plums burst into …

DIY Birthday Gift

My great niece turned 6 this week and had a birthday party at Coconut Bowl... It is her favorite place to be... They offer free bowling, all the pizza you can eat, all the drinks you can drink and game tokens to play with. The kids love it
Usually I like to make something personal for everyone's birthdays but this year finds me under the weather so I just gave her money kids love money right. I came across this site that teaches how to make a dollar bill heart, how clever is that! Then I came across this site teaching how to make a hidden treasure bubble gum jar... here is how I did it
You need lots of bubble gum, a glass canning jar and a card stock paper, I used the left over roll from wrapping paper and taped it so it stayed closed at the size I needed.
Insert the card tube into the center of the glass jar Then just add bubble gum. It took me a couple go's at it because I kept getting gum in the tube but after a bit I figured it out... It just takes some patients Next I ad…

One Thousand Gifts

~ Living in a time with medical knowledge able to save lives... Most importantly mine 
~ Emergency rooms to handle vital care to patients when its needed most
~ Doctors who have up to date knowledge to make the right calls
~ Tests that identify the exact problem to assist the Doctors quick and timely actions
~ Proper medications to assist in healing
~ Nurses with tender hands and understanding hearts to assist in the recovery process
~ Medical insurance to help cover a astronomical hospital bill and other costs
~ The humble appreciation of many offering up prayers in my behalf 
~  Being released to go home and recuperate for a time
~ The assistance of disability to cover partial lost wages during recuperation time
~ The show of love and support from very special people to my family and I 
~ Being allowed to continue my life here on earth for now
~ The love of a doting husband and his ability to administer to me when I needed it most
~ Feeling small steps of strength returning slowly …

Granny's Box of Papers

By David C.
The Average Military Man The average age of the military man is 19 years old. He is a short haired, tight muscled kid who under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man half boy. Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his fathers, But he has never collected unemployment either. He is a recent high school graduate and was probably an average student who pursed some form of sport activities. Drives a ten year old jalopy and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away. He listens to rock and roll or hop-hop or jazz or swing and 155mm howitzers. He is 10 to 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling and letter writing is a pain for …

One Life Given

One Life Given ~ Gasping for air, unfilled lungs Dizzying ache of an oxygen starved body ~ One life ~ Brain rationalizing an asthmatic fluke Doctors don’t know, won’t say, no relief ~ One life ~ All life ends A scare, too close, not ready, not now ~ One life ~ Out of my hands Still reeling… Unsure… Scared ~ One life ~ A life between two places Not wholly in, not wholly out ~ One life ~ Courage, Resolute, Determined, Valiantly press forward, onward ~ One life  ~ Accepted with humility to live again One life given

A Poem written by Eva Spell all rights reserved