One Thousand Gifts

Christmas day this year fell on Thursday... Today... I couldn't ask for a better day to share my goal of showing appreciation for the One Thousand plus Gifts in my life...

Let me start by saying that if you have to work on Christmas day then this is the best office I could have asked for my view while working today

~ The nativity
~ The life and times of my Savior
~ The crucifix
~ The atonement
~ Unconditional Love
~ Grace and Mercy
~ Forgiveness
~ Eternal life
#73 The gift of Christmas each year and a chance at any time to renew my commitment to my Savior and Lord

Merry Christmas to all... I hope that each of you find joy in the season to last you all year long

Joining here with Bron


  1. Wow you had to work Christmas Day?
    Beautiful pics.
    Merry Christmas to,you and your clan xxxx


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