One Thousand Gifts

~ Getting to listen to all my Christmas music and loving it

~ Finding joy in the craft of Crocheting again after years of not

~ The completion of my first Crochet project

~ The awe inspiring beauty of watching blankets of birds dancing in unison in the evening sky

~ The happiness that comes with a freshly cleaned blanket straight from the dryer for cuddling

~ The funny antics of our security guard at work that keep me smiling

~ A great new boss trying to make things better for us at work even though they are already good

~ Coming home yet again to a home made dinner by my sweet husband... I love this man

~ Gifts from co-workers making the Christmas season one of thankfulness for their consideration

~ Great appreciation for all first responders

~ Being blessed to... first off have a job and second to love what I am doing

~ Love shown to their father at a time when he needed it most from our children.... Love them!!!

~ A Christmas gathering with my sister and her children... Such a great night we had

# 64 Watching my great niece and her father my nephew making a gingerbread house

Joining here with Bron


  1. I love reading your lists..they are beautiful.
    You have so much goodness going on and you so deserve it.
    Keep warm and have a lovely weekend. Xxxx

  2. I love everything about this list Eva, it's all beautiful. Have a lovely Christmas xx


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