One Thousand Gifts

~ Celebrating a birthday today with my sweetheart

~ Vision... enables me to do my job and all the fun crafts and cooking easily for my family

~ The excitement of seeing my co-workers putting together a Christmas party and White Elephant    gift exchange

~ Date night with my husband... Dinner and afterwards driving around and looking at Christmas        lights

~ Mexican food

~ The Excitement for me of making a Christmas wish come true

~ An opportunity to share my story with someone in the same situation

~ A clean bill of health from my parents doctor for my parents ... A relief for sure

~ Hot soup on a cold day

~ The joy of the season for celebrating the birth of Christ

~ The beauty of a fireplace

~ Planers for keeping myself organized and on time... Something that is important for me to be

~ The ease of modern day cooking

# 50 Sheep wool... yarn... A winter hat to keep my head warm

Joining in here with Bron


  1. Oh such beauty...was it your birthday???
    Thanks for sharing these I smiled my way through just knowing how good this must be doing you. xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! Loved your list. It's a great time of year to count our blessings.


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