One Thousand Gifts

~ A old couple passing by smiling and commenting upon the beauty of the fall leaves

~ The love of a friend so willing to do what it takes to make me feel loved, safe and cared for

~ The opportunity to help a disabled person out of a bad predicament and in to a good one

~ A different Christmas movie each night until Christmas day

~ A new pair of reading glasses to assist better in reading

~ The pleasure of tasting a new cookie recipe

~ Excitement in planing a new family gathering in the coming months

~ Fresh falling snow... It's one of my most favorite things to watch

~ Love notes written to me by my sweet husband

~ Connecting with family members that I haven't talked to in a while

~ The joy in listening to Christmas music

# 36 Receiving a new and different Christmas cookie recipe from Betty Crocker each day


  1. Love it...fresh snow...oh that would be so lovely....a Christmas movie every night,new recipes...sounds like there is so much to be grateful for leading up to Christmas Day. xxx


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