One Thousand Gifts "A Year in review 2014"

As the old year ends and the new one starts I find myself thinking about what was important to me in 2014. This past year was filled with a large amount of fun and meaning... Here are some highlights from each month...
This year January found me wanting to start a new Christmas Tradition. (Here was the last tradition) I wanted to do something in my daughters memory and after much thought I decided upon making blankets for the Children's cancer ward in a local hospital... This activity was such great fun this year with my mother, sisters and friends all coming over to help once a month. Good food, lots of laughter and much sewing went on. My goal was to make twelve gift sets that consisted of a blanket with a matching animal and a book. We made our goal and some! I know these will be much loved by anyone who receives one
There were a couple things to pick for February but one of the greatest things about living in Nevada is the abundance of wildlife. Large families of Quail, Lots of rabbits, Wild horses and wild cats... not the alley cat kind either large ones and small you do not want to meet at night. I even passed a bear cub one day although I never seen the mother but you can bet she saw me lol. Reno is a mountain valley desert and one of the most beautiful places on earth. What I like about Nevada is that it has four seasons. The weather is so diverse... there will be rain on one side of the street and sunshine on the other... There is a saying here in Nevada "If you don't like the weather just wait five minutes it will change! And that is so true!!! I love living here
Our family is large and that is just the way we like it... We often include friends of no blood relations as family too. Although sometimes there are logistical problems getting everyone here, there or inside places large enough for family gatherings. In March my sister's daughter in law was pregnant with her second child and we had her baby shower at my house! It was tons of fun. So now with the birth of her second child our family now consists of... Starting with our two parents, 8 siblings, 23 grandchildren, 6 great grand children with one more due around July or so and various other friends. That does not seem like much on paper but when we are standing all in one place or... purchasing tickets for a trip or eating dinner out it can seem overwhelmingly large but that is what makes it all the more fun!
At Easter time for many years me and the kids have made Easter Egg Dioramas. This year I taught a class to anyone who wanted to make one and it was soooooo much fun! One thing I really enjoy is teaching others how to make things that I love. I just wish now after all these years that I would have taken pictures of all of them. I think it would have been fun to see all the different creations everyone has made.
May was mothers day and this year I was here to enjoy it. My sister and I were talking about what to do for her this year. Her idea was to have all of us kids go and spend the day at church with her. I didn't think that everyone would want to do that but they all did with the exception of a couple who lived to far away to get here. My contribution was to make a rose with beads to represent all of us kids, grand kids and great grand kids. I have to say she was very surprised and happy... So was dad
In June I was able to spend time with this man whom I love very much. I call him father... We are not blood related but he married my mother and became my father. He was there for us... provided for us, taught us but more importantly loved us like his own children. I never knew what a father should be like until I met him. In June this year we had a BBQ Dinner and had all the kids, grand kids and great grand kids over for dinner that could make it. Like in this picture my father has a way of making everyone laugh or smile! I've always said that he can enter an elevator with a stranger and exit best friends. He knows no stranger and deeply cares for those who he knows. I love him with all my heart this man... My father 
As I said earlier wild life here in Nevada is abundant... Especially the wild horses... In July this year we found many horses walking around the neighborhood mostly unafraid of us and just a little timid. This sweet one would come each morning with the others to our front yard to eat apples off our two apple trees! I would get up early to try and catch them at it so that I could sit and watch them in action! This year there were two foals added to the herd and they were so cute... I love horses!
This month was hard to pick just one thing to talk about... But this is the biggest change in our lives this year... My husband changed job careers After 40 years of automotive excellence he decided that he had had enough and wanted to seek out new advantages to himself. Although an adjustment financially it has been one of the best choices of his life! I am so happy that he made the change. The other happy event this month was my sons surprise birthday party that my daughter in law created and pulled off with great success. It was so fun to see my husband dressed up as Mario... Lots of fun
September brought the culmination of all the hard work toward making this wedding a great one! September promised great weather but as the day approached it turned out to bring icy cold weather, snow and some thunder with rain... We had a fire pit to keep warm by but that did not keep us from having fun... Look at them standing there... what you cannot see is them shaking with cold... Poor things. 
October is one of my favorite months!!! I love it when the weather starts to turn and the leaves change color and the nights start to cool.... aw.... love, love, love it. I attended the hot air balloon races this year and was able to be on the ground in the middle of it all. The picture dose not do it justice. It was thrilling to stand next to this HUGE balloon as it's being inflated and then to watch it take off. Or being in the middle of all the balloons as they take off... Just thrilling
Here in November we had Thanksgiving with a special visitor from out of the state, we had all the family together to enjoy all that we are thankful for... some more thankful than others lol. I do not understand why people are never happy with what they have, always wanting more when so many are going without! But this is not the time to visit that... I guess you can say that we are all in different places in life, experiencing different things and dealing with them the best we can. I find that I needed to be more present in life, loosing my daughter changed me and I often am searching for myself.... This book is a great read and I have started my journey of living life fully where I am now. Finding joy in the now and seeing things fresh... Trying to live simple and most of all trying not to have expectations upon myself that are unobtainable. 
December brought cooking, secret Santa, Christmas party's, Christmas music, time together, More thankful living, My nieces graduation, snow men, Christmas trees, snow, Christmas itself with the celebration of the birth of Christ, dinner date with my husband, driving around looking at Christmas lights, although having to work on Christmas day I am so very happy to have a job and one that I love to boot. 

2014 for us was a year of many many changes and love and adventures that are memories that will live in our hearts forever. I hope that anyone reading this post will have a great or better new year in 2015... Let's all try to be a little more kind, patient and understanding of others because you will never know what they are going through... Happy 2015 Everyone xxx


  1. This is such a beautiful overview. So much goodness and love throughout your year. The start of a new year can only bring wonder at what it will hold...look forward to reading along on your journey. xxx
    P.S Well done on your gift giving ...I hope you have plans to do some more of that. x

  2. Happy New Year Eva! Loved reading about your family and all of the good things that have come your way this past year. Love those wild horses too! Sending best wishes for a wonderful 2015 xx


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