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One Thousand Gifts "A Year in review 2014"

As the old year ends and the new one starts I find myself thinking about what was important to me in 2014. This past year was filled with a large amount of fun and meaning... Here are some highlights from each month... January This year January found me wanting to start a new Christmas Tradition.(Here was the last tradition) I wanted to do something in my daughters memory and after much thought I decided upon making blankets for the Children's cancer ward in a local hospital... This activity was such great fun this year with my mother, sisters and friends all coming over to help once a month. Good food, lots of laughter and much sewing went on. My goal was to make twelve gift sets that consisted of a blanket with a matching animal and a book. We made our goal and some! I know these will be much loved by anyone who receives one February There were a couple things to pick for February but one of the greatest things about living in Nevada is the abundance of wildlife. Large families…

One Thousand Gifts

Christmas day this year fell on Thursday... Today... I couldn't ask for a better day to share my goal of showing appreciation for the One Thousand plus Gifts in my life...

Let me start by saying that if you have to work on Christmas day then this is the best office I could have asked for my view while working today

~ The nativity
~ The life and times of my Savior
~ The crucifix
~ The atonement
~ Unconditional Love
~ Grace and Mercy
~ Forgiveness
~ Eternal life
#73 The gift of Christmas each year and a chance at any time to renew my commitment to my Savior and Lord

Merry Christmas to all... I hope that each of you find joy in the season to last you all year long

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How "Not" to make Lefse

DISCLAIMER:If you are looking for a great recipe or instructions on how to make Lefse... Sorry you will not find it here what follows are my misadventures in Lefse making  

My 87 year old co-worker and I were reminiscing a while ago about life, love and missing those who we have lost...

His wife, he said was Norwegian and at Christmas time she made a dish called "Lefse". He told me that he missed her and everything about her and "especially" with their Christmas time together.

He made an off hand comment about how much he would love to have some of her Lefse again. I had no idea what that was... But, I love trying new recipes I told him that if he gave me her recipe I would try to make it. (he brought it the next day along with a recipe for her cinnamon rolls)

So I came home and did a little research only to find that it was more hard than simply throwing things into a bowl and mixing them. I can follow a recipe very well but she did not put any measurements or ins…

One Thousand Gifts

~ Getting to listen to all my Christmas music and loving it

~ Finding joy in the craft of Crocheting again after years of not

~ The completion of my first Crochet project

~ The awe inspiring beauty of watching blankets of birds dancing in unison in the evening sky

~ The happiness that comes with a freshly cleaned blanket straight from the dryer for cuddling

~ The funny antics of our security guard at work that keep me smiling

~ A great new boss trying to make things better for us at work even though they are already good

~ Coming home yet again to a home made dinner by my sweet husband... I love this man

~ Gifts from co-workers making the Christmas season one of thankfulness for their consideration

~ Great appreciation for all first responders

~ Being blessed to... first off have a job and second to love what I am doing

~ Love shown to their father at a time when he needed it most from our children.... Love them!!!

~ A Christmas gathering with my sister and her children... Such a gre…

Global Winter Wonderland 2014

My kids in Sacramento sent me these pictures from their visit to the "Global Winter Wonderland" at Cal Expo in Sacramento Ca... They invited us to go with them next year and I have to say I am excited and looking forward to going with them next year.