One Thousand Gifts

~ Blessing of being her mother and friend

~ Helping of another in desperate need

~ Love of parents

~ Vacation in the fall

~ Sweetest co-worker and new friend who makes me smile just by walking in the room

~ Flurries of fresh snow not quite making it to the ground

~ A husband who is my hero saving me when stranded and then fixing the problem

~ Happiness in the listening of contemporary bluegrass and Jazz

~ Dinner made and served to me by my children

~ Hot cinnamon rolls on a cold day

~ Pure... Clean... Fresh... Water

#12 Finding the missing puzzle piece in family history... linking families together again

Joining here with Bron


  1. Great'll be at 1000 before you know it...and so much better for it. xxxx

  2. Hi Eva, thanks for visiting my blog today! I'm not very consistent in my thankful list but am so inspired by Bron to keep it up. I love that you have your family and new friends this week to bless you, and I am so impressed with your cinnamon rolls! They look delicious! Take good care of yourself xx


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