One Thousand Gifts

~ The wonderment of a new puppy and the pure happiness she brings you with her antics

~ House now more like a zoo with the addition of yet another dog... But still fun

~ The wonderful smells lingering from the preparations of holiday dinner with family

~ A place to gather sharing each others company and catching up with the latest news

~ Sunshine, cool breezes and the best weather for our gathering today

~ The happy sounds of young ones running around having fun

~ My parents watching the days festivities with pride and happiness in their hearts

~ The joy that comes with a surprise guest traveling five hours to spend the day with us

~ Christmas crafts being made by little hands for the up coming Christmas holiday

~ The opportunity to express my thoughts on what and why I am thankful today to my family

~ The blessing of having family when others do not

# 24 Help of all involved cleaning up after one of the best day ever

Joining with Bron here


  1. Sounds like a fantastic thanksgiving time....just how it should to think about Christmas...although It sounds like you are onto that as well. Xxxxx


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