One Thousand Gifts

I have started reading a book recommended to me by Bron called "One Thousand Gifts." I have to confess that I struggle mightily... Mightily, daily, hourly, by minute and second to truly live... 

I am lost in the sea of grief, sorrow and loss. 

Although it has been four years since my sweet daughter has passed I find myself still stuck in the moment. I do not know if it will ever get better but...I try daily to live my life to the best I can do for that day. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes not so good. 

But as a new day dawns I find myself needing to do something... Something other than living in the black abyss that has been my constant partner for four years, six months and 168 days... 

I am stoic physically, spiritually and emotionally but everyday I put on that plastic face and trudge forward. 

I have come to realize how thankless I have become for the abundant blessing in my life...

So I have decided to go on a personal journey to recognize and be thankful for these gifts in my life. 

I do not know how it will go or how long it will last or even if I will be successful but something has to change and so here it is! A new beginning for me today... 

The next chapter in my life... 

A journey of self preservation and discovery, of learning to feel and live and love again after such a great tragedy to me and my family. 

So here's to new beginnings...


  1. * tears* be never means forgetting but bringing them to a much happier place in our life.....doesn't mean no more tears just enriches the hope of being reunited one day.

    Bravo to you I will be hear cheering you on from the trenches and know you will be blessed. Xxxxx


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