Cinnamon Rolls by Glenice

I have a co-worker who really misses his wife as she had passed some years ago

While talking about her he became quite contemplative and reminiscent

He talked about all the good food she would make for him... But

There were two special recipes she made this time of year that he missed the most

One is Lefse a Norwegian crepe and the second was her cinnamon rolls

I mentioned that I would be happy to try and recreate them if I had her recipes

Now I am not a chief... But I do consider myself someone who can follow a recipe quite well to great review by them who break bread with me


I have to say that her quite simple recipe through me for a loop

Her FIVE ingredient recipe was Greek to me 

It took me three batches to come up with the above cinnamon rolls....

But more than that I had to get help so I sent out a call for help to figure out what I was doing wrong

Well in the end it was my very own father who dropped by for a visit to tell me what I needed to do

LOL I love my dad he worked for the railroad for all his life and is now retired. Who would have guessed

His mother being the great German woman she was had had six sons and taught all of them how to cook, clean, sew and Iron

His father taught them how to use their hands to garden, work on cars and build a house which he did when married my mother to accommodate all of us

After his offer of help I think we have a success!

At work there was complaint that he was the only one who received cinnamon rolls lol

But I think a retired city worker and veteran 

who only has one leg who moves around with a prosthetic leg 

who is 87 years old and keeps up with the rest of us deserves a little attention! Don't you?

I think so.... Below is the picture of my first two batches for a laugh! I love a good laugh... makes me happy

 Batch 1
Batch 2
This last one here was more like Cinnamon Roll cookies hahahaha


  1. Oh what a sweet heart......I can only imagine the pleasure you bought to that gentleman......and your family probably got to taste the rejects, which don't look all that bad.
    Yay for dads that gave many skills tucked under their belts.


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