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One Thousand Gifts

~ The wonderment of a new puppy and the pure happiness she brings you with her antics

~ House now more like a zoo with the addition of yet another dog... But still fun

~ The wonderful smells lingering from the preparations of holiday dinner with family

~ A place to gather sharing each others company and catching up with the latest news

~ Sunshine, cool breezes and the best weather for our gathering today

~ The happy sounds of young ones running around having fun

~ My parents watching the days festivities with pride and happiness in their hearts

~ The joy that comes with a surprise guest traveling five hours to spend the day with us

~ Christmas crafts being made by little hands for the up coming Christmas holiday

~ The opportunity to express my thoughts on what and why I am thankful today to my family

~ The blessing of having family when others do not

# 24 Help of all involved cleaning up after one of the best day ever

Joining with Bron here

Cinnamon Rolls by Glenice

I have a co-worker who really misses his wife as she had passed some years ago
While talking about her he became quite contemplative and reminiscent
He talked about all the good food she would make for him... But
There were two special recipes she made this time of year that he missed the most
One is Lefse a Norwegian crepe and the second was her cinnamon rolls
I mentioned that I would be happy to try and recreate them if I had her recipes
Now I am not a chief... But I do consider myself someone who can follow a recipe quite well to great review by them who break bread with me
I have to say that her quite simple recipe through me for a loop
Her FIVE ingredient recipe was Greek to me 
It took me three batches to come up with the above cinnamon rolls....
But more than that I had to get help so I sent out a call for help to figure out what I was doing wrong
Well in the end it was my very own father who dropped by for a visit to tell me what I needed to do
LOL I love my dad…

One Thousand Gifts

~ Blessing of being her mother and friend

~ Helping of another in desperate need

~ Love of parents

~ Vacation in the fall

~ Sweetest co-worker and new friend who makes me smile just by walking in the room

~ Flurries of fresh snow not quite making it to the ground

~ A husband who is my hero saving me when stranded and then fixing the problem

~ Happiness in the listening of contemporary bluegrass and Jazz

~ Dinner made and served to me by my children

~ Hot cinnamon rolls on a cold day

~ Pure... Clean... Fresh... Water

#12 Finding the missing puzzle piece in family history... linking families together again

Joining here with Bron

One Thousand Gifts

I have started reading a book recommended to me by Bron called "One Thousand Gifts." I have to confess that I struggle mightily... Mightily, daily, hourly, by minute and second to truly live... 
I am lost in the sea of grief, sorrow and loss. 
Although it has been four years since my sweet daughter has passed I find myself still stuck in the moment. I do not know if it will ever get better but...I try daily to live my life to the best I can do for that day. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes not so good. 
But as a new day dawns I find myself needing to do something... Something other than living in the black abyss that has been my constant partner for four years, six months and 168 days... 
I am stoic physically, spiritually and emotionally but everyday I put on that plastic face and trudge forward. 
I have come to realize how thankless I have become for the abundant blessing in my life...
So I have decided to go on a personal journey to recognize and be thankful for thes…

150 Year Celebration Quilt

QUILTS..... what a really fun way to celebrate a 150 years for our state! Each county in the state made a quilt square for this quilt... Even my sister was involved...  She made the circle in the patch of blue between the two stars.  I love to quilt but I am not as good as these people from all over the state of Nevada...  Today they displayed this quilt along with another 150 quilts around the room from people all over the state... I sure wish I could have been there!  Thank you sis for the pictures I sure wish I could have been there with you!