DIY Wedding Center Pieces

For our son's wedding we decided to make the center pieces and they turned out so cute! I think they will look really great on the tables at the beach... Here is what we did

1. We gathered all the flowers that the bride to be wanted
2. Split them all into separate bunches 
 It is kind of pretty seeing all the colors spread across my couch
3. Prepare other items to add to the center pieces if desired. Some ideas we chose were sea shells and pearls. We glued them to sticks purchased at Michaels craft store. We also purchased green Styrofoam from the dollar store so we could stick the flowers into something
4. Start an assembly line putting everything together but you have to have some pretty awesome men in your life to help... My nephew, my brother and my son... We made twenty seven center pieces in two hours... Not to bad! Thank you for your help you guys

My poor brother broke his radius but still took time to help us out... What a great brother I have 
And Tada.... All done

So each Styrofoam flower disc sits on a vase filled with sand, water, pearls and sea shells to match our beach theme. I am so excited to see how they look at the venue!
We may even color the water blue to match the colors of the wedding... Well maybe


  1. What a fabulous way to get a great job done....they look delightful and I ma sure they will be well talked about on the day by those sitting around the table. xx


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