Controlled Wedding Chaos and Mrs. Kidney Stone

My house for the last two months has been in a state of controlled chaos and last minute preparations for this weekend and the wedding...
Although we have been planning and doing things for eight months or more it seemed that these last two months have been the most productive and busy of all
So when Mrs. Kidney Stone came by for a visit three days before the wedding I was really worried but happily enough she only stayed for two days and then left...
Tomorrow is the big day and we have been looking forward to this day for some time. No amount of smoke from the King fire or down poor of rain with thunder and lightning or even four inches of predicted snow will stop this beach wedding lol... It will go on as planned and it WILL be a wonderful day...  I Pray!


  1. Oh its exciting.....have the most wonderful of days and can't wait to see the pics.
    Sorry to hear that you had an unwell bout. xxxx


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