30th Birthday Party

Here are some more pictures from my son's Birthday party... It was one of the best days I have had in a long time! I thought that my sweet daughter in law pulled off a great party for him and he was really surprised! 

 My son with to very fine examples of what it means to be fathers
 A fun back drop for photo opportunities 

 My other son and his fiance   

My husband was a real trooper... He and my other son made this tube for him to pop out of to surprise my son... He was really surprised and we all had a great laugh

I love this man so much! He is always filled with great humor and laughter which is truly infectious

 And here is sweet Tracy with Mario! 

Tracy's turn in the tube! She was laughing and it was cute. We all had a great day filled with love, laughter and good memories! I love you Son... Very much


  1. Too much fun....how cool does your husband look.....you could hire him out for Mario themed parties!!!!!! Xxxx


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