My Brother In Law's Garden

I went to my brother in law's on Sunday so that he could help me with a fun wedding project that I am going to share later with you all! (So excited) anyway he took me on a tour of his garden and WOW! I would love to grow things like he does.  Peppers ... He makes the best hot chili powder

This is a bell pepper and he said that the taste was out of this world! My father makes the best stuffed bell peppers and I can only imagine what they would taste like with home grown peppers!
This large green leafy bush on the right is a pea plant and he said that it hasn't grown peas yet. I said did it pass its season and he said it's only a six weeks old!.... WHAT??? peas on steroids! amazing but as we walked around we found some flowers
I took this picture of my brother in law standing behind his tomato plant... Yes Standing! The arrow is pointing to his hat so that you can see how tall they are. They are covered with tomatoes
Here is a closer picture but it does not show just how many tomatoes there are. He is a master gardener in my book!


  1. Wow he is doing something thumb or extra good soil....hope he shares some of that goodness with you all xxxx


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