A Start of a New Career

Wow! it sure has been a long time since my last post. SO.... much has happened, we are getting ready for a wedding in the family, my husband has changed his career and I have been dealing with health issues on top of everything... Phew but I wanted to brag a little about my sweet husband
My husband has been in the automotive business for about 40 years. He started in the trenches and worked his way up to the top. In all those years he has spent many hours getting and keeping his certifications to make himself a marketable person and one with integrity and the proof is in his name and reputation
I did not know how far and wide his name was known... People who have never met him know him by name and reputation. I can remember my son one day saying to me "Mom, I met someone today who had never met dad but had such good things to say about him" My son was so proud of his father. In a business where you have to be careful for crooks (not all are crooks but some are) he has a reputation for having integrity and being honest! I am so proud of my sweet man
But now that we are ageing he has decided that he wants to try something different for a living and has changed his career. He is so excited to start his new job on Monday and I am happy for him. We are both looking forward to this new journey and I could not be more proud of my sweet husband! I love you baby


  1. Wow that is a great achievement....congratulations and all the very best for the career change...something similar happening in our home to in the coming months.....xxxxx


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