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Mario Themed Birthday Party

I have an extremely creative daughter in law and she came up with a Mario themed 30th year birthday party for my son who loves Mario anything. She took the time to research the characters and created this wonderful surprise party for him. Here below are a few pictures before everyone arrived, I will post party pictures tomorrow 

National Dog Day

We love all our animals whether they live with us or our children... My little old man Ringo  Our baby Takota  Our senior dog and the one that has been with us the longest Bailey  Here is Chanel our son and daughter in laws sweet baby   And here is their sweet Rusty... although not a dog he is a love!  Here is the newest member of my other son and his fiance's family Gabby... We love our animals. Not pictured here is Madison and the finches. We almost have a zoo lol Sweet fur babys

Wedding beach sign

I came across this great sign on Pinterest but the web page was no longer available to give credit to. But!... I loved the idea so much I made one for my son and daughter in law to be. (Okay... I didn't exactly make it but I stood and supervised while my brother in law made it for me lol)  Its so simple! all I needed was a flat board, paint, brushes and a ruler.... OH! and a brother in law lol
 He put down a base coat 

 let it dry and then add the main color
Roughly paint the boarder  Then I chose to cut out pre-cut letters purchased at a local craft store... I have 1 & 2 inch size here and then we measured the distance between the letters and where I wanted the spaces. Then after my brother in law measured out the lines he placed the stickers and painted the pencil marks away Now the sign was so great it could have worked as it was but I wanted to add some sea shells as it's on a beach at the lake and I thought it would be cute so I hot glued them all to the board

 Oh an…

Sweet visitors on my street today, I love horses