Low Flying Planes

 I had a bit of a surprise today while driving down the High way. Out of no where came these two airplanes
They were flying very low to the ground! 
 It was obvious that they were flying so low as to be undetected by the flight radar... Hummmm I wonder why?
I mean these planes were so low that I could have stood on my tip toes and touched them lol not really but low they were
There is no air port around here for them to land so I can only conclude that they wanted to not be detected by radar.
Sorry the pictures are not too good but I took these pictures with my phone as the planes were speeding by me. It was really quick! Out of no where they came and in seconds they were gone as if the were never there to begin with... I would have never seen them if I had not been there at that exact moment... Weird right...


  1. Weird ..yes...maybe you have stumbled on some very big secret!!!! Someone my want those pics one day xxx🌺


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