A Sweet Treat

The wild horses in our neighborhood found a very nice treat for munching on...My apple trees
I do not mind sharing with them I have four apple trees which is more than plenty to go around
 It was amazing how close you can get to them

I think her patience was wearing thin as she turned her backside to us in a warning lol
Yah... I'm not getting any closer. What I did not get a picture of was my son handing her an apple to eat. She started to take it then changed her mind.
 After her fill she joined the pack on the other side of the street


  1. I am sure she will be back now that she knows what's hiding there...and she will probably bring back some of her friends.
    Thanks for your email the other day...it is sad when that happens hopefully all the residents will develop as much care for them as you have. Xxxx


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