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A Sweet Treat

The wild horses in our neighborhood found a very nice treat for munching on...My apple trees
I do not mind sharing with them I have four apple trees which is more than plenty to go around
 It was amazing how close you can get to them

I think her patience was wearing thin as she turned her backside to us in a warning lol
Yah... I'm not getting any closer. What I did not get a picture of was my son handing her an apple to eat. She started to take it then changed her mind.
 After her fill she joined the pack on the other side of the street

Pineapple Plant Update July

I have roots! I'm happy that this little guy is growing. The first time I planted a Pineapple (Here) top in 2012 I was pretty excited well... It did not work out to good (Here) So This year I'm trying it again and hope for a different out come. Started (Here). I really think it's going to work. But now it's time to be planted it into a pot The roots are nice and long And the center stalk is beginning to rise along with the newly emerging leaves... I'm so excited Now on to the next phase of this little guys growth...

Summer Time Memory's

Watching my fruit tree ripening reminds me of a sweet summer time memory I have from my childhood of sweet apricots hot off the tree and I mean HOT. My uncle lived in Concord California and apricot trees love that climate! and he had one of the best. I remember when we would go for a visit and the tree was ripe for picking... we would climb up the tree and sit on a branch picking the hot fruit and eating it. The sweet apricots were so juicy they would drip all down our hands and arms. The summer sun would beat down all around us but we didn't mind because the fruit had a bit of magic keeping us cool and happy. We would eat so many apricots that our tummy's would be filled to the top and a lot of the time a nap would follow
I believe this tree in my back yard is a peach or nectarine fruit... I can hardly wait to taste a fresh picked fruit off the branch again!!! I might just have to make peach filled jello or peach Popsicle sticks or... Some waffles with slices of peach on top…

Low Flying Planes

I had a bit of a surprise today while driving down the High way. Out of no where came these two airplanes
They were flying very low to the ground!   It was obvious that they were flying so low as to be undetected by the flight radar... Hummmm I wonder why?
I mean these planes were so low that I could have stood on my tip toes and touched them lol not really but low they were
There is no air port around here for them to land so I can only conclude that they wanted to not be detected by radar.
Sorry the pictures are not too good but I took these pictures with my phone as the planes were speeding by me. It was really quick! Out of no where they came and in seconds they were gone as if the were never there to begin with... I would have never seen them if I had not been there at that exact moment... Weird right...