Summer Storm and Horses

I LOVE, LOVE storms... I feel very happy, charged up and full of energy when ever there is a storm a brewing! Weird right... well that is me and I love it... enjoy the scenery

The horses are back! I have been looking forwards to this for a while now. I found the evidence of them on the road side about three weeks ago and then on the way home from work two weeks ago at night I saw two horses casing the neighborhood lol not really but it seemed that way
This herd has grown... Last year there were about five to this herd but now there are eight that I can see and count. It was hard to get them all as they were just standing here resting and I was driving down the road but if you look you can see a foal's behind and there is a younger horse there maybe about six to eight months. Watching them make me so happy... I love horses

Nice way to end the week with two of my favorites... Storms and horses Have a great weekend everyone


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