Pineapple Plant Another Go

In 2012 Here and Here I tried to grow a pineapple plant but with disastrous results so after a lunch date with my girl friends I found myself with a pineapple top again and I thought that I would give it another go

Here is day one... I know looks kind of like worms yuck... but those are the roots already coming out of this top. I did not have these in my first top so I think that is why it did not work
 Funny enough though the roots are only on one side
I really did not expect this to work since it did not last time so I just plopped it into a bowl with a bit of water in the bottom
After two weeks I pulled off some more leaves and found a larger root system... Hey this might work
 BLAH..... Still looks like worms
 Here is the other side now with roots starting to come out
And surprise of all surprises... There is new growth in the center of the leaves! Yay! This may work, I will post pictures as it gets bigger


  1. How fascinating...and yes eeew yuck it odes look like worms. Look forward to seeing where it all goes. xx


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