Five Little Fruit Trees

It's been one year this month since we moved to Nevada it sure has been a lot of fun getting together with all the family that lives here. I was so distracted last year that I did not notice all the fruit trees on the property or maybe it was because they did not fruit last year. I do not remember a single fruit on any of the trees except the one apple tree in the back yard
Last weekend I went out to the back and front yards and was really surprised to see not just one fruit tree the apple tree I knew was there but five, five fruit trees! Three trees were apple trees but two I do not recognize. This one pictured above... I'm not sure what this fruit is but I have a bush that's covered with these I wonder if it is a walnut? I think walnuts only grow on trees right? well the bush is really over grown maybe it is a tree that broke off and now is small
  The bush is quite large though about 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide
Update June 11 2014. A friend told me to cut one of the fruit open and see what it looked like inside and another friend said it was a apple. So I opened it and this is what I found... sure looks like apple to me! mystery solved

Below are the apple trees that are fruiting in our yard, looks like I will be making a lot of apple pie this fall

I'm not sure what this fifth tree is but it looks like it may be a nectarine or peach??? I am excited to see what it is as it ripens.

Update July 2014: The unknown tree is a Plum Tree...
And the birds are really loving each plum that ripens before I can get to them lol Aw sweet little chirp chirps need to eat too


  1. One year what a blessing having fruiting trees....showed my husband and we are not sure what that mystery fruit would fun waiting to see what it will become. Xxx


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