Exploring and Finding Nature (Bugs)

Saturday we had a family gathering and a scout for bugs to look at. Uncle Al had this really cool gadget for the kids to see a bug up close and personal. My niece is freaking out right now because she does not want to be close to any kind of bug at all.
After being assured that the bug cannot get out curiosity gets the better of the kids and they come in for a closer look.
This really nice tool has a magnifying piece so that you can see the bug up close. This bug happens to be an insect... a red ant
 Every one wants a closer look
After a closer look they all run off screaming and laughing except for one... She is not done looking yet
After they have fun looking at different insects, Uncle Al finds a spider web and teaches about spiders
 They are all really interested in what Uncle Al has to say
Except the one on the right who does not want to get anywhere close to seeing what was on the spider web. It is so fun watching the world thru these sweet little eyes


  1. It is such a treat seeing little people learning from elders...what a cool little gadget . My kind...don't have to get to close to them. Xxxx


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