A Very Large Red Ant Hill

 Look at what these red ants made in our back yard. It's a red ant condominium
It's kind of hard to tell but this is a pretty large ant hill... I am a little afraid to deal with it, someone told me to pour club soda down the hole and it will get rid of them so I poured two bottles down and no effect. The ant hill is so large that the soda did not seem to reach the bottom it just seeped down that hole and disappeared and that was it, it was gone. Yikes... scary because red ants bite
So now what? I am not sure, I will have to look in the morning and see if the soda had any effect at all and if not then I may have to take more drastic steps grrrrrrr


  1. EEEEKKK...no help here.I am pretty sure we don't have any of them around here...just be careful x


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