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Summer Storm and Horses

I LOVE, LOVE storms... I feel very happy, charged up and full of energy when ever there is a storm a brewing! Weird right... well that is me and I love it... enjoy the scenery

The horses are back! I have been looking forwards to this for a while now. I found the evidence of them on the road side about three weeks ago and then on the way home from work two weeks ago at night I saw two horses casing the neighborhood lol not really but it seemed that way
This herd has grown... Last year there were about five to this herd but now there are eight that I can see and count. It was hard to get them all as they were just standing here resting and I was driving down the road but if you look you can see a foal's behind and there is a younger horse there maybe about six to eight months. Watching them make me so happy... I love horses

Nice way to end the week with two of my favorites... Storms and horses Have a great weekend everyone

Wonder Oven tutorial

In 2011 I made a wonder oven and I LOVE it! I use it when ever I have large gatherings and need to keep something hot/cold for a length of time. Not to long ago I had a couple of friends over for dinner and they loved the idea of the wonder oven and asked if I could show them how to make one so I have put together this tutorial for them.
To start with you need about three yards of cotton fabric and between 19 to 20 gallons of polystyrene beads. The best fabric is cotton because it will allow the heat/cold to be retained by the beads and not cause a barrier prohibiting the exchange.
You will need a pattern so get out your yard stick, tape measure or what ever you have and measure out the dimensions below and then cut out your pattern.
Step 1 Make the pattern
This will be the bottom
This will be the top
You will need four sections for the top and four for the bottom. I have used two different colors to make it easier for you to see the way its put together.  Step 2 Use the…

Exploring and Finding Nature (Bugs)

Saturday we had a family gathering and a scout for bugs to look at. Uncle Al had this really cool gadget for the kids to see a bug up close and personal. My niece is freaking out right now because she does not want to be close to any kind of bug at all.
After being assured that the bug cannot get out curiosity gets the better of the kids and they come in for a closer look.
This really nice tool has a magnifying piece so that you can see the bug up close. This bug happens to be an insect... a red ant
 Every one wants a closer look After a closer look they all run off screaming and laughing except for one... She is not done looking yet
After they have fun looking at different insects, Uncle Al finds a spider web and teaches about spiders
 They are all really interested in what Uncle Al has to say Except the one on the right who does not want to get anywhere close to seeing what was on the spider web. It is so fun watching the world thru these sweet little eyes

Five Little Fruit Trees

It's been one year this month since we moved to Nevada it sure has been a lot of fun getting together with all the family that lives here. I was so distracted last year that I did not notice all the fruit trees on the property or maybe it was because they did not fruit last year. I do not remember a single fruit on any of the trees except the one apple tree in the back yard
Last weekend I went out to the back and front yards and was really surprised to see not just one fruit tree the apple tree I knew was there but five, five fruit trees! Three trees were apple trees but two I do not recognize. This one pictured above... I'm not sure what this fruit is but I have a bush that's covered with these I wonder if it is a walnut? I think walnuts only grow on trees right? well the bush is really over grown maybe it is a tree that broke off and now is small
  The bush is quite large though about 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide
Update June 11 2014. A friend told me to cut one of the fr…