The Best Day Ever and Strawberry Milk No Bake Cookies

Some days you just have to laugh at yourself and today was one of those days! I was looking on my go to site for recipes and stumbled upon this site  "Living Better Together" A big shout out to Rebecca and her blog because she has a bunch of really great ideas. I found her recipe for Strawberry milk no bake cookies and thought that I would make some for my awesome brother in law for making my Quilting frame! when I asked how much I owed him he said nothing! He and my sister in law are the best! Very selfless and giving. 
So.... I love strawberry milk and thought that these might be a good thank you gift for them. I gathered the ingredients but had a second thought! Why wouldn't this work with chocolate milk? Hahaha an Idea struck
So I gathered the needed supplies for both. Megan my daughter in law and I went to work this morning making them. This is where things went wrong lol, Megan is attending culinary school and is a awesome cook. Below is her version but in chocolate... that is what its suppose to look like... but alas mine was not so good
This is my version but something is very wrong. Megan asked how much milk did you add? I said "Two cups like it calls for" "NO" she said "It calls for 2/3 cup" I busted up laughing. Well that would explain the oatmeal soup and not cookie mix. Oh well back to the drawing board.
Below are Megan's cookies not to bad although I told her they remind me of cow patties haha. I know, I know not to nice but she thought it was funny
As I mixed my new batch of cookies they were much better but I like to play with and improve things so I said "lets add white chocolate chips" Megan thought is was a good idea so we added them. Well do you know what happens to chocolate when you add it to something hot? Hahahaha YES... It melts. Second fail but terrible funny to me!
So I proceeded to scoop the cookies on to a piece of parchment and it occurred to me that these look an awful like the Meat balls I made a while back... Don't you think that too??? I busted up laughing again
Next I smashed them to make them more of a cookie shape and then I got.... yes you guessed it "Hamburger Patties"... more laughing at myself. I love cooking and making things but this was just to funny to me.
The melted white chocolate chips have the appearance of fat in hamburger adding to the illusion
I did not post Rebecca's recipe so follow the link above to see how spectacularly well her cookies turned out! Hers look like cookies mine look like hockey pucks, hamburger patties and cow patties! Hahahah... Now even with all my hiccups these cookies are great! The only thing I recommend is a tall frosty glass of milk to wash them down as I felt they were a little dry for my liking. I do not eat a lot of sugar and these were SWEEEEEEET! but not according to my kids. They said they were great 
A very fun day with lots of laughing and poking fun at... you guessed it ME! I love days like this


  1. Eva,

    I'm so glad you had a fun time making the cookies. Your post was quite comical, I know how you feel when you accidentally misread a measurement, it's great that you were able to just laugh it off. No Bake cookies are sweet for sure, but milk always helps! So glad to have you following my blog and I'm going to have to try out those chocolate milk ones!


  2. I did find myself chuckling....I probably would have given up after the first fail ...well done for trying again...and again .
    They look sweet and as long as your family liked them it doesn't matter what they look for . Xxxx


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