New Quilt Frame

I am making a lot of quilts this year and have been quilting by hand without a frame. I can get it done but it is a hard and long process so I asked my brother in law to make me a frame and this is what he came up with. I was sooooo excited about trying it out but it needed something before I could use it.
I grabbed some thick Muslin and folded a 4 x 72 inch piece in half, sewed it up long ways and nailed it to the board so that I could have something to pin the quilt pieces too.

These nails have a twist to them to help keep them in the wood and not allow them pull out when I attach and stretch the quilt
 I spaced the nails on the stabilizing fabric about 5 inches apart and it was really just right
Now I just repeated the same process on the other three boards and I was done. Next step was to pin my quilt pieces on it for the first time!!! Yay so excited
 I pinned the long sides of the quilt first then set them on the frame legs and stretched it out and then pinned the ends
Below are the pictures of my fabrics being pieced together and quilting started

 You can see the green on the bottom right side of the above picture, so its the bottom, the batting and last the top piece of fabric... Kind of like a sandwich lol
 Next I measured and pinned where I would place the ties for this quilt

On the left of this picture I have started tying it... so excited to continue, it was fast, easy and a lot of fun! Thank you Bro! I love it


  1. Wow so will be churning them out so much quicker now I am sure.....yay for handy family members.xx


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