Mothers Day Surprise 2014

My mother has eight children and this year for Mothers Day I made each of us a single rose with letter beads and a single pink heart representing each of her children. After the pink heart I added pink and blue beads representing our children and grand children. So each rose had a string of beads representing how many children love her bunches. My rose was the only one with a charm that was butterfly wings representing my sweet baby girl in heaven
In the morning as a surprise we all gathered at the church unknown to her and each of us handed her our rose. She was in tears and so was half the congregation lol. Even my father had a time keeping from allowing the tears to flow. After wards we gathered for a dinner to continue the showering of love for her. What a lovely day it was.

Happy Mothers Day mom, I love you


  1. You are such an awesome woman....what a fabulous way to honor your mum. I have a wonderful MIL which I adore...but I so miss my mum and being able to show her how much I apreciate all she taught me about being a mum. Glad you had such a special day. Xxxxxx


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