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Life is so full of ups and downs and I find that my family and friends are dealing with a lot lately. So when we get a chance to get together I like to take time and enjoy just being there and today was one of those days
I took time to sit and just be with my family and friends today as we did some sewing, eating and chatting making decisions of what to do next
There is a deep pleasure that comes with time spent together... sharing, laughing and supporting each other
So to all my family and friends I want to thank you for your love, friendship and being there during the good times and the not so good... To those who live close and those far away you all have a place in my heart and I thank you for that
Life is so short, so I for one chose to strive to put unimportant things behind me and take time to really pay attention to the important things and people in my life.


  1. will be all the time we sit with each other listening and sharing that will count the most when it is all done. Xxx


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