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Friends Food and Sewing

Life is so full of ups and downs and I find that my family and friends are dealing with a lot lately. So when we get a chance to get together I like to take time and enjoy just being there and today was one of those days
I took time to sit and just be with my family and friends today as we did some sewing, eating and chatting making decisions of what to do next
There is a deep pleasure that comes with time spent together... sharing, laughing and supporting each other
So to all my family and friends I want to thank you for your love, friendship and being there during the good times and the not so good... To those who live close and those far away you all have a place in my heart and I thank you for that
Life is so short, so I for one chose to strive to put unimportant things behind me and take time to really pay attention to the important things and people in my life.

Hunter Hills Fire and.... Sewing

I have been really busy sewing at every chance I get so when I stepped out of my house I was really surprised to see this smoke in the sky
We had a fire on Sunday fairly close to us... It's always a little scary when that happens especially when we have had such a very dry winter. But with today's rain I hope that its completely out!
I have to say that having a quilt frame has made a world of difference with my quilts and I have been having fun turning them out quickly...
So excited...Filled with anticipation... for the completion of all these beautiful gifts to be sent to new homes soon!

New Quilt Frame

I am making a lot of quilts this year and have been quilting by hand without a frame. I can get it done but it is a hard and long process so I asked my brother in law to make me a frame and this is what he came up with. I was sooooo excited about trying it out but it needed something before I could use it.
I grabbed some thick Muslin and folded a 4 x 72 inch piece in half, sewed it up long ways and nailed it to the board so that I could have something to pin the quilt pieces too.

These nails have a twist to them to help keep them in the wood and not allow them pull out when I attach and stretch the quilt  I spaced the nails on the stabilizing fabric about 5 inches apart and it was really just right
Now I just repeated the same process on the other three boards and I was done. Next step was to pin my quilt pieces on it for the first time!!! Yay so excited
 I pinned the long sides of the quilt first then set them on the frame legs and stretched it out and then pinned the ends
Below are…

Mothers Day Surprise 2014

My mother has eight children and this year for Mothers Day I made each of us a single rose with letter beads and a single pink heart representing each of her children. After the pink heart I added pink and blue beads representing our children and grand children. So each rose had a string of beads representing how many children love her bunches. My rose was the only one with a charm that was butterfly wings representing my sweet baby girl in heaven
In the morning as a surprise we all gathered at the church unknown to her and each of us handed her our rose. She was in tears and so was half the congregation lol. Even my father had a time keeping from allowing the tears to flow. After wards we gathered for a dinner to continue the showering of love for her. What a lovely day it was.

Happy Mothers Day mom, I love you

The Best Day Ever and Strawberry Milk No Bake Cookies

Some days you just have to laugh at yourself and today was one of those days! I was looking on my go to site for recipes and stumbled upon this site  "Living Better Together" A big shout out to Rebecca and her blog because she has a bunch of really great ideas. I found her recipe for Strawberry milk no bake cookies and thought that I would make some for my awesome brother in law for making my Quilting frame! when I asked how much I owed him he said nothing! He and my sister in law are the best! Very selfless and giving.  So.... I love strawberry milk and thought that these might be a good thank you gift for them. I gathered the ingredients but had a second thought! Why wouldn't this work with chocolate milk? Hahaha an Idea struck
So I gathered the needed supplies for both. Megan my daughter in law and I went to work this morning making them. This is where things went wrong lol, Megan is attending culinary school and is a awesome cook. Below is her version but in chocola…