Easter Egg Diorama Tutorial Part 2

Part 2- Now that your egg has dried for 24 hours its time to prepare the under or inside of the egg. I start by placing the egg back into its form and then start digging out the still partially wet sugar. The crust will be hard so gently scrape until you break through to the wet sugar that comes out easily. The reason I place it back in the form is to support the egg under the pressure I will be putting on it so it will not break. I just use a spoon to scrape the inside out.
Here is the half that will be the front of my standing egg I will continue to scrape the egg until I break through
 As you can see my center hole goes all the way through now.
keep scraping and taking out sugar until you achieve the shape you want. Just keep in mind that if you make it too thin it might break. I keep mine kind of thick because I have broken many before. It takes time to make these and you do not want to spend two or three days making one only to have it break on you.
Here are both of my eggs hollowed out. This part is really easy and does not take much time. You need not bother too much with the rough edges because they will not show after you add the icing.
I could have and maybe should have made the opening a bit larger but this will work for now. Now my egg is ready to dry another 24 hours before I decorate it... Easy Peasy If you missed it part 1 is here


  1. Love it can't wait to have a kitchen to do fun stuff like this!


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