Easter Egg Diorama Tutorial Part 1

Next to Christmas time and making Ginger Bread Houses this is one of my most favorite Holiday crafts to make Easter Egg Dioramas. So for my family who will be joining me this year to make them I have put together this tutorial for them and anyone else who wants to make a super easy and fun project for Easter
To start you need a Egg form, Sugar, food color and water... that's it (I purchased this egg at the Dollar store it is a 15x20 inch size but any size will do it just depends on the size of the egg you want)
Put 8 cups sugar in a large bowl. Add 8 color drops of your choice into 2 oz of water. Mix the colored water mix into sugar making sure that you thoroughly mix the sugar and color together. The sugar must be wet enough to stick together but not to wet if it gets to wet add more sugar, if to dry add more water
Now pack the egg forms with the sugar mix making sure to pack sugar evenly all around especially the ends and sides. do not let the sugar mound over the top as it needs to lay flat. If needed run a long knife across the top to remove excess sugar
Now turn the egg forms upside down on parchment. This can be tricky so what I did was while the eggs were still right side up I placed a cutting board on top and then lifted everything at the same time turning it all over so that the cutting board was now on the bottom and the eggs on top
Now remove the egg forms carefully so that you do not collapse or damage the outside of your eggs
At this point you have a choice to make. Do you want a standing egg? or a egg that lays down? The one I am making is a standing one
To make the window for my standing egg I use the bottom side following the indent made by the bottom form for a sitting egg. I took a butter knife and drew a line and scooped out the sugar to the half way mark
Do not worry about any ruff edges those will be fixed later but try to keep it as smooth as you can without destroying your egg.
If you accidentally make a mark or crack at this point you can easily just scoop it back up into the egg form and start over
With a standing egg you can do one of two things... 1st you can purchase a egg stand, or 2nd make the end flat so it can stand on its own... The second choice is what I am doing here. Take a piece of dental floss and eyeball a straight end and pass the floss through
Do this on the fat end of both eggs making sure to pull away unwanted sugar
If you want a egg laying down do not cut out the middle but do take off the ends. You will want to take off more than I have done here so that the hole you will be looking in is large enough to see whats inside. I would cut about one third or so off one side of each egg. Now comes the drying time. I will let these dry until tomorrow morning when I will pull out the insides. Part two tomorrow


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