Baby Shower "Pink Theme"

My Niece is having a baby girl and I was honored to be the one to host her party at my house
I had a lot of fun planning and decorating for her (Hold on that table is crooked... Humm I missed this small detail until now lol)
 Lots of yummy sweet treats
My first diaper cake... It is not as pretty as the ones I found on the internet but it passes I think
I love family gatherings, spending time with everyone talking, laughing, enjoying each others company and celebrating life. This party was just that filled with fun and much more! Maybe it was all the pink or the after effect of an sugar coma lol Just kidding
I gathered as much pink as I could find and then some. I melted pink chocolate and covered my cake mix cookies and some rice krispy treats and strawberry's, They were all a big hit
 My sweet grandmother would have said "luscious" or "delicious"  I sure miss her
Some cake pops and peeps... My nieces first child jumped up and down laughing with delight when she saw all the pink on the table it was adorable

Another very successful family gathering enjoyed by everyone! I love my family 


  1. much much much are very good at entertaining ...your family are very lucky to have you. xxx


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